Hit composers Sasa Lendero and Miha Hercog renew with Schedler Music

Slovenian songwriter and producer couple Sasa Lendero and Mihael Hercog have been working together with Schedler Music since 2014. This very fruitful cooperation has now been renewed by a long-term exclusive author contract.

During this cooperation, hits such as „Viva La Vida“ by Helene Fischer, „Ja ich will“ by Andrea Berg, „Wir sind im Herzen jung“ by Semino Rossi (official German airplay hit of the year 2017), numerous songs for the Amigos (including „Baby Blue„), Beatrice Egli, Kastelruther Spatzen, and many more were created.

Mostly the two work together with the successful Schlager lyricist – Oliver Lukas. In this constellation they form the successful team – „SOKO Schlager“ („Task-Force- Schlager“).
Despite the language barrier (Sasa and Miha don’t speak German, but Slovenian) they have been able to create hit-songs together from a distance for years. Mostly Sasa and Miha create the composition in their home country (as well as Miha also the demo), which is then sent to Oliver Lukas in Germany to be „lyricized“. Miha then receives the lyrics and, although he doesn’t speak German, records the vocals for the demo by himself, with his own great voice.
Because of this way of working Covid-19 didn’t bring any change for Sasa and Miha and so they could work diligently on new, extremely promising songs despite the pandemic.

Schedler Music is very happy about the contract extension with the two Slovenian songwriters and is looking forward to many more great new hit songs and successful years together!

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