A&R Service

  • Songwriter support and advice
  • Networking with other writers
  • Organization of Co-Writing Sessions and Songwriting Camps

Our Commitment, Support & Network

With an instinct for good songs with content and beautiful melodies, we advise and network with our authors to get the best out of their songs and support their songwriting talent. For this purpose we provide a network of contacts to successful artists, other authors and publishers and labels. We are in close contact with the authors and also organize co-writing sessions and songwriting camps for them.

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Creative Service, Song Marketing

  • Song Marketing and Promotion (Online, Radio, TV, DJ, Band Promotion)
  • Song Placement - Placement of songs in advertising and film (Sync)
  • Cooperation with artists and record companies/labels
  • Song exploitation (covers, new recordings, adaptations, remixes, etc.)

It´s all about the song

We do song marketing and take care of the placement of songs with artists/labels, TV, radio, advertising or film.
Our creative team works closely with artists, labels, advertising companies and other licensees. Whether sync, (co-)branding, covers, edits or other song promotion activities, Schedler Music actively promotes the represented songs to make the best possible use of them.

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Administration / Copyright Management

  • Wide-ranging publishing know-how
  • Copyright Management (contract creation, song registration)
  • International representation (via sub-publishing network)
  • "State-of-the-art" publishing software
  • Income Tracking / Controlling (TV Monitoring and Film Controlling, Live Controlling, Sales Controlling
  • Complaint handling with PROs
  • Royalty Service (clear detailed statements)

Full Service Copyright/Royalty Management & Income Tracking

From contract drafting, work registration, license management to royalty checks, our dedicated publishing team takes care of the rights of our authors and partners.
The basis for this is the publishing knowledge we have acquired over many years, a state-of-the-art publishing software and a comprehensive income tracking/controlling system.

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  • Licensing and Allocation of usage
  • Advertising (TV, Radio, Online, etc.)
  • Film (TV, Cinema, Online, DVD etc.)
  • Sheet Music / Print
  • Special uses (Co-Branding, Merchandise, Point of Sale, …)
  • Covers, Adaptations, Medleys etc.

Your Licensing Expert

In addition to the active marketing and placement of songs on TV, radio, advertising, film and online, we also handle the clearing and the licensing to advertising agencies, film production companies and other licensees.
With the necessary expertise in the licensing area, we coordinate with the authors, negotiate the conditions, take care of the contract preparation and payment processing and check the compliance with the granted rights of use.

Representation of interests, Consulting, Support

  • Expert advice and assistance with questions concerning copyright and publishing
  • Representation of interests - for fair remuneration of authors (towards PROs and music users/marketers)

Your strong partner

With our professional know-how and a dedicated publishing team, we are committed to protecting the rights of each and every one of our authors and partners. Our advice and support on questions concerning Copyright and Neighbouring Rights or collecting societies is highly appreciated.
The fair remuneration of authors, publishers and artists in the digital age is of particular concern to us.

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Neighbouring Rights - GVL, LSG and Swissperform Service

  • Our service for Artists, Producers and Labels
  • Utilisation of the Ancillary Copyright (Neighbouring Rights)
  • Representation towards collecting societies - GVL (Germany), LSG (Austria) and SWISSPERFORM (Switzerland)

The ancillary copyright is a related right of copyright to protect an artistic performance or a recording.

Artists (performers and musicians) and producers of a recording as well as master owners are entitled to remuneration for the use of a sound recording (e.g. on radio, TV or in public institutions).
However, without membership and registration with the responsible collecting society (GVL, LSG or Swissperform) – no billing. Also, the onward settlement between the collecting societies does not yet function optimally, which is why often no or only low settlements are received for uses from other countries.
In order to ensure that you as an artist, producer and master owner receive the legal remuneration, it is helpful to have a competent partner at your side.

We gladly support our partners here!

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