Rolf Budde und Rudi Schedler_cut
Budde Music and Schedler Music reaffirm cooperation

The renowned German music publisher Budde Music (headquartered in Berlin) and the Austrian publishing company Schedler Music extended their cooperation. Since the founding of Schedler Music in 2005, the two firms are partner – Schedler Music represents the complete catalog of Budde Music in Austria and Switzerland and Budde Music again Schedler’s repertoire in the UK, France, etc.

In addition to these sub-publishing activities, the two publishers also rely on new joint copyright and are always open for co-writing sessions and songwriter camps.
The traditional publishing company Budde Music represents numerous national and international hits. Schedler Music’s repertoire is in addition to numerous “schlager-hits”, increasingly more and more pop / dance tracks and film music.

“With Rolf Budde and his excellent team joins us for many years a very close and extremely friendly cooperation. We are looking forward for some years with his son Benjamin to cooperate intensively as a creative head of the house, “said Rudi Schedler (MD Schedler of Music).

Prof. Dr. Rolf Budde: “It is wonderful when family-owned publishing houses collaborate and we are confident that together we can achieve a lot more.”