Copyright Management

A long-standing appropriated publishing knowledge and an excellent know-how, allows Schedler Music to optimally evaluate the best out of music titles. From the contract preparation, to evaluation and controlling, the copyright team works closely with authors and the Schedler Music partners. The advice and assistance with general questions on copyright and publishing, is highly appreciated by composers, authors and other publishing partners.

  • contract preparation and correct, global registration of songs
  • own/modern publishing software (for a simple catalog integration)
  • consulting – expertise on collecting societies and distribution rules
  • close contact to collecting societies
  • administration of other publishers
  • sub-publisher

By direct memberships with GEMA, AKM / AUME, SUISA and SIAE and a good sub-publishing network, Schedler Music is as a strong sub-publisher to represent your works/catalogue outside the original area.

We enable and also promise a faster distribution of the funds to the original publishers.


One of the greatest strengths of Schedler Music is Controlling. Various control systems make it possible to check copyright and outstanding or incorrect statements. We make title based complaints to the collecting societies and thereby can obtain subsequent charges.

  • Sales Controlling
  • Movie/TV Controlling
  • Top-Title Controlling (especially for sub-publishing partners)
  • Concert Controlling


Schedler Music works with a modern publishing software, which is constantly being optimized by a special development team. The entire publishing process – from registration, revenue collection through to settlement – takes place digitally.

The publishing team is knowledged and experienced and has close contacts to the collecting societies. All these factors allow a rapid and efficient re-invoicing to the beneficiaries.

  • clearly structured settlements details
  • inclusive important work use informationen
  • export in different file formats


It’s all about the song! – According to this principle, Schedler Music is looking fo new, young and advanced songwriters and producers. By organising songwriting camps and co-writes, we support our authors to write new songs, make new contacts and improve their composing knowledges.

  • Connecting with publishing partners, record companies, media, advertising agencies and other songwriters
  • Writing camps
  • Co-writes


The Creative part is a very comprehensive range of Schedler Music. These include important activities such as sync, (co-) branding, cover, editing, promotion, controlling, etc. The creative team is constantly working with your titles and brings the best auf of them. We work with advertising companies, other partner publishing companies, label partners etc.


Songs convey emotions, awaken memories and connect people. Therefore music in commercials, movies, TV series, games and even in Apps is essential. Schedler Music works with a wide variety of advertising, production and TV companies as well as with music supervisors and film directors to find THE song for their project.


Especially in the networked global age, promotion is a very important issue. Schedler Music offers for its represented titles, promotion / sampling in different areas.

  • DJ Promotion
  • Band Promotion
  • Sync Service (Sync Promotion)
  • Radio Promotion
  • TV Promotion
  • Print Promotion
  • Online Promotion
  • Ski Chalets Promotion
  • Oktoberfest Promotion

The house-internal promotion pool, consisting of over 10,000 registered DJs, pubs, bars, ski lodges, stadiums, bands, music bands, dance bands, etc. is steadily growing. Our promotion activities allow us to provide an important support for new songs, artists or/and labels.