About us

In January 2005 the Rudi Schedler Music Publishing companies were founded in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

After working 22 years as managing director at Koch Music Publishing and Universal Music Publishing, Rudi Schedler decided to move to independence after carefully consideration. Two essential reasons were responsible for his decision: Firstly, based on new digital applications the expected effects within the music market. Second, to network closer with authors, artists, producers, managements as well as with national and international publishers.

In 2012, Luis Stuflesser and Rudi Schedler founded the Italian branch – RUDI SCHEDLER EDIZIONI MUSICALI SRL, headquartered in Oritisei.

Thanks to good business contacts and their long music market experience Schedler Music became quickly one of the most prestigious publisher in the German-speaking area.

In the meantime Schedler Music represents many popular foreign catalogues and successful national publishing companies.

Authors, artists and partners are supported by Schedler Music in the placement and exploitation of their titles at record companies, radio- and TV-stations, advertising agencies and film producers. Schedler Music also take care of the correct collection of royalty fees and their balance to authors, artists and partners.

Beyond their membership at the German, Austrian and Swiss author society Schedler Music is also associated with the music publisher federation “Deutscher Musikverlager-Verband (DMV), “Musikverlegerunion Österreich“ and „Schweizerische Vereinigung der Musikverleger (SVMV)“.